Program: Exhibition
Location: Shenzhen, China
Period: 2017

One village, ten thoughts

The exhibition table is launched by Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and ALL Architects, showing 30 students’ research-based designs on Guangzhou Shenjing Village.

Shenjing is an “atypical” urban village on the fringe of Guangzhou’s territory. It has still kept some primitive landscapes. The slow urbanization here can merely be seen as an illusion, bringing unclear future. We hope, through our works, to trigger more explorations on many of these anonymous hidden territories in our cities. We believe the growths and deaths of these villages deserve more attentions in urban discourses.

There are ten design topics on the table: village entrance,ancestral hall, graveyard, square, street, canal, farmland, elevated highway, renting apartment, private house. The territory is not shown in a realistic and rigid way. Instead, we treat each design as a segment. They are collaged and articulated into an “interpretative village”. The clay, the chairs are collected from Shenjing Village. The juxtaposition of these diverse artifacts enables audiences to experience real lives in Chinese village. The space arrangement generates village-alike atmosphere: Collective banquette, roundtable discussion or informal food stalls, etc.: as a “ceremony of everyday”.

Whether audiences are familiar with the specific village, or whether these designs reach professional standards are not important. Shenjing here works only as a generic prototype. The intension here is not to solve problems, but to offer possibilities.

By showing our ten thoughts, we are expecting hundreds of, and thousands of thoughts. We welcome you to join our imaginations. 



地点: 深圳,中国





十个方案通过圆桌模型的形式展示:村口、祠堂、祖坟、广场、街道、河涌、农田、高架桥、出租屋、民房。他们的组合并不是完整还原深井村的版图,而是以片段形式拼贴,组成一个反映真实场景的微缩景观。展桌上的泥土、桌椅均来自深井村现场,由学生现场挖掘和采集。模型、图像及日常物品的并置,使观众置身讨论城中村问题的第一人称视角,再现城中村集体活动的场景,如宴席、会议、甚至大排档…… 从而体验一种“日常的仪式感”。






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