Award: Finalist, EXHIB-IT! Competition
Jury: Flaviano Celaschi (UniBo), Odoardo Fioravanti (Odo Fioravanti Design Studio), Matteo Oreste Ingaramo (PoliMi), Alex De Rijke (dRMM), Alessandro Marata (CNAPPC, UniBo), Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli (OMA), etc.
Program: Temporary Installation
Location: Florim Flagship, Milan
Period: 2016


A dome is built.

Dome is the most idealstructure man would ever create. The vaulted space, so basic and bold in its representation, has anaura surpassing the boundaries of physical and spiritual, artificial and nature in a most extreme way. The experience in a domeis a little surreal, far beyond one’s common perceptions. We found it interesting that the aim of the competition is to design an installation for Florim, who has the pursuits to provide modern families with comfort and high quality of lives.Besides, dome embodies the concept of home etymologically. Thiskind of parallel has resulted in the base of ourinspiration.

The installation is architecturewithin architecture. It takes adirect abstraction of a dome in a renaissance church. The wooden columns frame an octagon, and are shaped into a hemisphere from waistto top. Seemingly open from outside, when bend over and enter theinterior, you will find yourself become part of the exhibition, like a bird trapped in cage. The body is then embraced in a dome-like space,a microcosmo hidden from the reality world. To showcase the images, several layers panels extend to the top catching light from aprojector. The projections are adapted to different atmospheres, as a painted chapelfull of lights.The light and softinteriorbrings the imagination of natural elements: Clouds, forests or water drops.Nothing is done to remind us the traditional church,the design is identified assomething in-between recent and past, an open ended space.


奖项:入围奖, EXHIB-IT! 国际设计竞赛
评委:弗拉维亚诺. 切拉斯奇(博洛尼亚大学),奥多亚多. 弗洛曼蒂(意大利工业设计师),马迪奥.英加 拉莫(米兰理工),亚历克斯.德.瑞伊凯(dRMM事务所),亚历山大德罗.马拉塔(意大利建筑师协会环境部主席,Arkit事务所),伊波利托. 拉帕莱利(OMA) 等
功能: 装置






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