Program: Theatre
Location: Dongguang, China
Period: 2016

Jianyuzhou Island is an abandoned territory located on Dongjiang River, Dongguan. In the 90s when Dongguan grown rapidly into a city, the island became the center of fertilizer production in China. With the decline of traditional industry, the factory buildings have become a ruin. However, in the eyes of local administration, the island is the opposite of future, more like a burden in urban development.
In recent years, industrial renovation has emerged into a design trend in China. All of a sudden, those abandoned industries become valuable, and they attract huge investments, which then attract attentions of architects. We have witnessed the emergence of numerous renovation projects. This trend brings positive aspects, which changed people’s ways of life and seeing things. While some otherpeople will argue this trend is no more than another cliché in fast urbanization.
Factory is a container of production activities. It is rather flexible in itself. We move quite straight-forward in this design: we restore what is already there without touching the main structures. The open towards outside is inserted into an open-air courtyard to fill up into a whole body. The studies on the scale of theatrical activities enable not only the space to be expanded, but also the possibilities of activities, such as rehearsals, forum and exhibitions, etc.
Two special modes deserved to be mentioned:

  1. Outdoor concert scenario: when movable separate walls are opened, the courtyard will allow the installation of temporary stage. The structure becomes the stage and the city becomes the auditorium. The changing installation can be seen as action arts.
  2. Super theater scenario:when all exterior walls are closed and all interior walls are open, the interior space becomes a grand hall with 2,500 floor area, accommodating management of new and imaginative forms activities.

In our imagination, it is not one theater, but many theaters. It is a space with mix activities, mix people, and mix values.

We call it MIX THEATER.




地点: 东莞,中国



  1. 举行大型露天音乐会的场景:活动门打开,院子可以搭建舞台临时构件,建筑转换成舞台,城市转换成观众厅。大尺度的舞台建构活动也可视作一种城市尺度行为艺术。
  2. 室内超级剧场场景:所有外部活动门关闭,内部活动门打开,室内转变成一个2500平方米的内部环境。适应多种新形式的活动。


我们称这里为“MIX 剧场。”



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